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Call for (possible) beta readers

ETA: Beta readers no longer being sought at this time. Thanks to all who volunteered.

Sometime early next week, Chad will have finished the first quick pass through the complete draft of his book, and will be sending it to beta readers. He may have need of a couple readers who fall into the book's broad target audience. So, if you:

  1. Have a non-science or non-physics background;
  2. But are interested in reading a pop-science book that introduces quantum physics concepts through silly conversations with our dog, and then gives more detailed explanations in non-dialogue format (though still with doggie interjections);
  3. Are willing and able to read ~50,000 words in about two weeks (for comparison, a medium-short novel runs about 100K, and the max on Hugo novellas is 40K) and provide feedback on what you understood, liked, didn't understand, disliked; and
  4. Will not be offended if you volunteer and then your beta services aren't needed;

Then leave a comment with the following:

  1. Your e-mail address (comments are screened);
  2. Your background in science and physics; and
  3. Your past beta-reading experience.

I will go through the responses and forward to Chad as many names as he ends up having need of.

If you have questions, leave them in a separate comment and I will unscreen and respond.

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