Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Week in Review

Baseball this week: aaargh. (Such is the life of a Red Sox fan, even a casual one.)

Okay, three more comments: pinch running is a silly concept. The commercials suck: the local ones are for obnoxious personal injury firms, the national ones are repetitive, and all of Fox's shows look extremely dreadful. And at least I'll be able to catch up on my sleep now . . .

Work this week: volunteered for an . . . interestingly difficult . . . project, the kind of learning experience that you hope you don't have to put into practice. Also discovered that I'd annoyed an opponent to the point that I could nearly see the frothing at the mouth through the papers; properly responding to that took up more time. Which meant that I had to go into work today to prepare for tomorrow's deposition. It's two hours drive, so I'll be going to bed very soon.

Football this week: while I was working, I was hitting "reload" on the Boston Globe's website to keep up with the Patriots game. Chad called as they went into overtime to tell me that the Giants had lost on a last-minute punt return, at which point I knew that the Patriots would win: and indeed they did, though it sounds like a close and ugly game. Our zero-sum football karma continues.

My parents came up yesterday with their dog. Fortunately it went reasonably well—they could at least stand to be in the same yard with each other, though we had to crate their dog inside because Emmy apparently regards the house as even more strongly her territory. It was considerably better than the meeting with Chad's parents' dog, though, since we were actually able to eat and have conversations and so forth. In other dog news, Emmy has started doing a very cute thing. She has three towels in her crate for cushioning. This week, she's taken to pulling the towels out one at a time, thoughtfully chewing on a corner for a minute, and then either dropping them on the floor and going to get another, or curling up so that she's leaning on them (with the corner tucked between her paws) and going to sleep. Words cannot express just how cute this is.

Computers this week: iTunes for Windows, baby (as the new Barenaked Ladies album and that song for Chad download in the background). I really, really, really want an iPod, and really, really, really cannot justify spending $500 on one . . .

Right. Time to go lie awake in bed and fret about tomorrow.

Tags: [time] in review, dogs, football, tech

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