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2007 in Review

You know, there were definitely a lot of positive things about 2007, but my instinctive reaction to the end of the year is "good riddance." I think it's because of the start (family and personal health issues, difficulties at work) and the end (personal health issues regressing, winter blehs), on the primacy/recency principles.

Anyway. In 2007 Chad sold his book, to our great excitement and bogglement. We took short trips to Boston, New York City, and Michigan (no-content comment), and long trips to St. John and to Japan. We went to Boskone, Worldcon, and World Fantasy Con. I went to Readercon.

We saw more live performances than I'd remembered: Richard Thompson; Buffalo Tom; Amos Lee, Elvis Costello, and Bob Dylan; Steven Wright; and Bruce Springsteen.

We bought an exercise bike. I discovered del.icio.us and developed grandiose plans for its use. I became an aunt.

I went warm and then cold on Heroes and Fables; fell in love with Princess Tutu; and didn't read as much as I wanted, though that's not cause-and-effect. Of the new-to-me stuff on the booklog, these were the most notable, exciting, or enjoyable:

(Shaun Tan's The Arrival would be on this list but I keep failing to have enough brains to do it justice.)

I went another year without finishing The Tale of Genji, though I read up to the transitional end-of-book chapters while in St. John.

And I wrote a heck of a lot here, as shown by these posts with the most comments (anything over 40, for these purposes; sorted by month not number because they clump):







Books, movies, tv, race, and reader-participation entries. Sounds representative enough of the year on LJ.

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