Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Q for those who've finished The Orphan's Tales

Do not click the cut unless you've finished both volumes of The Orphan's Tales. You won't be able to answer the question and it will ruin your reading experience. Really.

Does anyone else feel like the book's ruthless examination of fairy tale tropes failed at the last minute? Because I think that "The world is wide, and the rearing of children is a delicate thing," is a not sufficient explanation for leaving Sorrow alone and frightened for her entire life to date, and that Sorrow and the rest of the characters should not have just accepted it as such—especially when Solace grew up well and happy and didn't have to be swapped at all.

Or am I being overly sensitive to this because it's an adopted-kid fantasy?

(BTW, I was completely faked out by Solace's appearance; I said, huh, well, I was sure Sorrow was the girl in the garden, but I guess not now, and Aerie must've had her own reasons for not telling Lantern her name. The swap never occured to me, I think because I couldn't see any good reason for it.)

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