Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Week in Review

The best thing about work this week was that, late Friday afternoon, I discovered I didn't have to work this weekend. I was ecstatic and went around telling everyone who would listen that I was going to sleep until it was afternoon.

I didn't quite manage to make it past noon (at about quarter to, Chad was in the shower and one of those sneaky alien squirrels infiltrated the yard), but it was lovely all the same. We went out in the afternoon and bought window treatments, saw a dreadful movie (spoiler commentary in a prior post), and had good Indian food. I was extremely happy pretty much the whole day, right up until just before bedtime when my throat abruptly started to hurt quite a lot. Oh look, I'm getting a cold.

So today, instead of feeling happily drowsy and cozy, I feel washed-out and dopey from drugs—but even still, I know that it could be worse, I could be working! We did manage to get the window treatments up, and they look good, though I'm still not sure we've got the scarves draped optimally. (Dad, the ones you picked out had the right colors, but the fabric was heavy and we were afraid it wouldn't go well with the sheer fabric that connects the blinds.) Chad's having his class over tomorrow night, so I made tiramisu; unfortunately, I suspect it's a disaster, as I somehow managed to improperly beat the egg whites, and after I folded them into the yolk/sugar/mascarpone mixture, I could see all the little bubbles popping. If I have the energy after cleaning the bathroom later, I'll bake cookies as a fallback. (If not, I'll buy cookies on the way home from work and they'll like store-bought, dammit.)

The dog was threw up again, the day after the bone scare of last week, so Chad took her into the vet. We didn't think there was anything else foreign in her stomach, but we wanted to be sure, and if there wasn't, she'd now been sick often enough for no apparent reason that we wanted the vet's opinion. We got anti-nausea prescription pills, a special kind of kibble, and a suggestion that we give her Zantac 75 and no treats. Collectively they seem to work so far; if it keeps up through mid-week we'll call and say, "Great, now which of these can we discontinue?"

Right. Laundry and the bathroom beckon; the sooner done, the sooner I can sleep.

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