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Prospective addition to Chateau Steelypips

A picture from today's doctor visit:

18-week ultrasound

And some answers (without questions, because it amuses me):

  • July 20;
  • We don't know the sex and don't want to;
  • Some health scares, but they've passed enough that we are now comfortable making the announcement [*];
  • A turtle, a crab, a claw-out-of-stomach Alien, a Whitley Strieber alien, and Skeletor, but mostly just a blob;
  • I lost ten pounds first trimester, and my hip bursitis is going to be an issue, but things have been remarkably easy other than that;
  • No, we won't name it after you.

[*] Shortest possible version: enlarged nuchal translucency; chromosomal problems ruled out by amnio; heart problems not yet fully ruled out and fetal echocardiogram still scheduled for mid-March, but any problems it shows should not be that serious considering that nothing was seen at the ultrasound today.

Also, I am crazy busy at the moment and going on LJ semi-hiatus, so I may not be able to respond to everyone's comment, but I appreciate them all. Well, unless someone ignores that I am officially a horror story-free and unsolicited advice-free zone.

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