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Week in Review

I have had a cold all week, rendering me unable to either properly sleep or properly be awake. I will spare you the details.

On Monday, the huge project from the last few weeks was on hold, so I spent the day excavating my desk, which had gotten a little frightening. I had Tuesday off for Veterans' Day, and spent much more time than I'd intended on a quest for dress boots. Wednesday, the huge project was baaaack, much to my dismay, but I was able to get back to my own projects after that, which was good since I had an oral argument Friday (second of two and the first was a full hour, arrgh).

Saturday we ran some errands at the shopping plaza three miles down the street, which has been undergoing incredible rates of construction. It already had a supermarket, and right after we moved here a Lowe's and Target opened. Another half-dozen things have opened since, and we were very excited because a bookstore was going in (alas, a Barnes and Noble, which I don't like nearly as much as Borders). We'd joked that all we needed was a pet store and we'd never have to go anywhere else—and yesterday, when we stopped in at the B&N, we saw that PetSmart was opening Monday. Yay, retail, or something.

Anyway, I was feeling better than I expected after errands, so we went to see Master and Commander, which I quite enjoyed. I've only read the first three of the books, and only once, so I don't remember a lot about the canon. It's obvious that this was an Aubrey movie, not an Aubrey-Maturin movie (not Aubrey/Maturin either, thankyouverymuch); on the other hand, the tight focus on the ship doesn't leave as much room for the complexities of Maturin's character. Beyond that, I can't say much about how the movie compares to the books. For instance, I didn't recognize the minor characters from the books—but hey to Billy Boyd, guess those sword lessons from Boromir paid off.

Anyway, books or not, I thought that this did a good job of being a movie. It walked a couple of fine lines very well: it showed both the excitement and the brutality of life at sea, and it balanced the different worldviews of Jack and Stephen while still showing their friendship. One review I read said that it was a very small-c-conservative movie, which I think isn't quite true; the thing about Jack and Stephen's conversation about flogging is that they're both right, just in different contexts. The movie also did a nice understated job of portraying the choices that Jack and Stephen eventually come to out of their friendship.

And yes, those really were the Galapagos Islands, at least part of the time.

That wasn't very coherent, but then I'm not right now. I quite enjoyed it, though again I don't have a deep attachment to the source material.

Also: Return of the King trailer on the big screen. I'm trying to not get excited over this after the debacle that was The Two Towers, but wow. Wow.

Today I spent the mid-day lying on the couch, dozing; I think I only got about ten minutes of actual sleep, but it was nice to try. Chad was very productive this morning before I got up, so I've been doing laundry in an attempt to feel less guilty (and then when I have to sit down after throwing something in the wash, I remember—oh that's right, I'm sick!). We're currently loafing to the Queer Eye marathon and later I will attempt to stay awake for the Patriots-Cowboys night game.

Anyone know any good cold-banishing rituals?

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