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oh, for a snow day

Perfect snowball snow as seen from our back door, behind the cut:

perfect snowball snow, 2008-02-26

When I just let the dog out, I noticed that the snow was so thick and sticky that it had built up several inches perfectly flat . . . on the latticed table and chairs. Not to mention weighing down the pine tree's branches something awful.

(The bumpy snow on the right is the edge of what comes off the slate roof.)

And since inanimate objects hate me and don't want me to get any work done tonight, I'm going to bed.


Your patio set is very pretty!

The snow looks like a fancy tablecloth. Perhaps there is a snowman banquet planned?

Oooh, beautiful! I have to resist the urge to jump in and make snow-angels.
Nice backdoor garden you have!


I'd be curious to know if there were inverted pyramid shapes in the lattice above the holes. I bet that'd look cool.

That's the point: normally there are, but the snow was so sticky and thick that not this time.


No, no...I remember that. I meant looking up at the table from underneath!

Sometimes, being a member of a Flickr group like From Below makes you look at things in a different way.


I doubt it--you can sort of see underneath the chairs--but, you know, it was ten o'clock and night and cold and snowy and I wasn't getting off the back steps to look any closer.

Ah, well.

Anyway, I wasn't about to suggest you go out into the cold to get the picture. This is one of those pointlessly arduous things us meat-slabs are good for.


Are you suggesting that I should ask Chad to go outside in the cold and the snow to take a picture that *I* wanted just because he's got a Y chromosome?

Yeah, I didn't think so.

No, I suggested it because he's a meat slab! That's not gender-specific, although I know more men than women to whom I'd apply the label (with further ratio disparity where I'd feel comfortable applying it to their face, granted).

You don't really need to tell me to, though-- now that he's mentioned it, it sounds like sort of a neat idea for a picture...

That's what the Y chromosome really gets you. It's not that we're naturally biddable (far from it), but rather that we're highly susceptible to thinking that somewhat silly things are a good idea...

The answer is no. The snow fills the holes all the way down.