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Weird dog

The dog has just pulled off the table and eaten one prenatal vitamin, one calcium pill, and two fiber tablets. (Either she didn't like the first calcium pill or I got to her before she could eat the second one.)

In the past she's eaten Rolaids softchews—which she loved so much that afterwards she'd go after empty wrappers—which I could sort-of understand because they are at least flavored, but all of these were hard non-chewables and therefore unflavored.

Dogs are weird.

Oh, and while I'm posting anyway, more zoo pictures: sloth-in-a-box (the light grating is the ceiling, the blue and green are walls), and panda.


Yikes! Maybe she's having sympathy symptoms? Silly puppy.

Well, when she ate the antiacids, we did joke about how her stomach felt much better now, because she does have that German Shepherd thing where if her stomach goes empty for too long, she throws up acid. (She gets an acid reducer pill every night.)

But I doubt she's feeling vitamin-deficient. Or constipated.

Maybe they just smelled good. Vitamins, especially, have a distinct odor, and dogs are so much more sensitive that way. (They also have a very non-human idea of what "good" is when it comes to smell!)

Possibly, though she's never shown interest in them before.

Oh well, I'll just make sure to keep them well out of her reach from now on . . .