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Quick commerce notes
  • 25% off accessories at the Palm store.
  • New hardcover omnibus of Barry Hughart's Chronicles of Master Li and Number Ten Ox forthcoming from Subterraenean Press.

    (If you just want to read the first draft of Bridge of Birds (narrated by a nineteen-year-old Master Li!), it's available from this fan site.)

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Good to know re: Palm sale--thanks! Maybe now is the time finally to invest in the wireless keyboard (because though the Treo has a little one, wireless keybd would obviate laptop for short research trips; can't transcribe with thumbs only).

I just got a Bluetooth one because my IR one has seen some hard use, rendering it a bit fiddly, and also useful for other devices if and when I change.

I swear by it for con reports. =>

I'm thrilled Hughart's getting this re-release and some new revenue and attention...but not half as much as I would be for a new story. Hell...I'd buy a Short collection (something I almost never do) for that.