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Zoo Pictures, 5 of 5: Birds

Finally, a bunch of birds.

Marabou stork Marabou stork
Red-legged Seriema Red-legged Seriema
Scarlet Ibis Scarlet Ibis
Crested screamers Crested screamers
Male and female mandarin ducks Male and female mandarin ducks

I love the subtle colors on the female.
Imperturbable mandarin ducks Imperturbable mandarin ducks
Temminck's tragopan Temminck's tragopan
Mountain bamboo-partridge Mountain bamboo-partridge
Western crowned-pigeon Western crowned-pigeon
Pheasant pigeon Pheasant pigeon
Juvenile pygmy falcon Juvenile pygmy falcon

Blue magpie Blue magpie
Owl! Owl!
White-faced whistling-duck White-faced whistling-duck

I believe the "remarkably ugly" bird is a marabou. And your unknown bird picture 32 of 92 looks like one of the hornbills.

Good calls on both--thanks! (I was thinking the ugly one was a vulture, which I know we saw, and when that wasn't it, I couldn't figure it out.)

I will update the posts & gallery.

The blue and gold unknown bird *might* be a bird of paradise, but I'm a lot less certain of that than the other two. Thanks for posting your zoo pictures!

Yeah, that one should be in the small mammal house, but the Zoo's website doesn't admit that any other bird than the hornbill is there.