Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Trying not to bite off more than I can stitch

So I've got this idea in my head that I want to cross-stitch a decoration for FutureBaby's room. We're eschewing most of the usual nursery decoration stuff (lamps? valences? no, thanks), but I haven't been able to shake the urge to make something.

Alas, what's available in stores tends to be "birth announcement" patterns or crib covers/quilts. The latter are stupid (you can't use them as bedding, which means they just take up space), and the former—well, I want to make something FutureBaby will (or may) like when old enough to, you know, actually see things, and what kid wants to see their name, date of birth, and birth weight on their wall? So while I initially was considering this animal-themed kit, I think I'm going to pass—not only is there the problem of what else to put in that top right corner, it's a design that probably doesn't age well. (If I wanted to do a stamped "crib cover", I could have a lion in that corner. But I don't, and that's that.)

So I spent way too much time poking around the web today, looking for kits or patterns. The results:

I am completely in love with an adaptation of Stewart Moskowitz's art called "Fish City". It would be so much fun. But it's 29" by 21", which means that FutureBaby would probably be in high school before it was done.

(I've finished one major cross-stitch project in my life, a "Celestial Angel" that was only 12" x 17". Which took forever, though I'm not sure precisely how long because that was back in college, or possibly high school. When I had much more free time, in other words.)

Which means this cute "Dragon Moon" design is also a no-go, since it's 16" x 22" and probably more complex than it looks, judging by the floss chart.

Dialing my ambitions down . . . some of the various alphabets (dinosaur, dragon (click image for decent picture), general animal) look manageable, but I'm not sure how well they age.

On the other hand, these little dragon charts ("Hello", "Little Friends", and "Butterflies") may not age any better, but they are so flippin' cute that I may not be able to resist. (Note to self: they are cheaper on eBay.) *works on suppressing feeling that I should stitch something more complex for FutureBaby*

Comments from cross-stitchers or people who know what kids tend to like in decorations are welcome.

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