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Guess the very short lyrics

When I read this quiz of lyrics in alphabetical order, I remarked to Chad that some of the songs were given away by single words. Combined with a dim recollection of Izzle Pfaff's 2003 two-word lyrics quiz, this set me off on yet another cat-vacuuming project, to wit:

The Very Short Lyrics Quiz

(Some of these are or could be two words, but I decided not to limit myself because I couldn't get any of Izzle Pfaff's.)

I tried to play fair, picking phrases that struck me as distinctive from songs well-known generally or among likely readers. I will add hints later if necessary. In alphabetical order:

  1. a suicide rap
  2. an Italian poet
  3. angels in the architecture
  4. as vicious as Roman rule
  5. eighteen to one
  6. got suits and cases
  7. play-doh spine
  8. shotgun shine
  9. stories and cigarettes

    Edit: this was a poor choice. Have a full line: "stories and cigarettes ruined lives of lesser girls."

  10. the baffled king

Updated April 1 with a better clue to the one unguessed lyric.

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