Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Week in Review

All the news this week was weather. I'd really thought that getting an early Christmas present of a snowblower meant that there's be no snow to use it on this winter—but apparently, this only would have worked if we'd bought it. As it was, it was an extremely, wonderfully timely gift. We got about a foot and a half total over the weekend, and the snowblower made very quick and easy work of it.

Fortunately, the snow did not interfere with our mini-dinner party last night, because our guests were our next-door neighbors. We had a lovely evening and Emmy was very sweet and well-behaved.

She is also extremely cute in the snow. Monday night, we had a little bit of snow coming down in that soft straight silent way; she was jumping up at the flakes. The storm this weekend dumped dry, light, loose snow. You should have seen her in the backyard: you'd have thought she had springs in her legs, the way she was bounding through the snow. Yesterday afternoon, the dryer was running so I was able to make really dense snowballs out of the snow around the vent: they sank into the snow and she'd stick her nose down looking for them, dig around, and then bound back eating the snowball. (Chad threw a softer one at her, just trying to land it near her to get her attention—and beaned her squarely on the head. Fortunately, she's a bonehead, so she wasn't hurt.) Today we hurled a squirrel, which was also very popular, because she could dig at the toy and chase it backwards in the snow, shake it around in her jaws, flip it up in the air . . .

Okay, enough dog cuteness. Angels in America is on at 8:00—we ordered HBO just for this, that's how excited I am about it. Will let you know what I think, though maybe not right away, because I've hit yet another crunch period at work.

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