Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Soliciting advice: FutureBaby pseudonym

As Chad said today, after FutureBaby becomes an ActualBaby (knock on wood), we're leaning toward referring to him or her by a pseudonym on our blogs just to provide a mild amount of privacy (after a birth announcement with the actual name, probably). I've been having fun reading the pseudonym suggestions over at his blog, so I'll toss it open here too:

Recommend a post-birth pseudonym for FutureBaby, preferably one independent of age and sibling status.

Heck, if you're so moved, recommend a non-pseudonym for FutureBaby; it's unlikely that you'll come up with a suitable name that we haven't thought of yet, but since Chad's commenters got to offer suggestions, y'all might as well, too. Nb.: FutureBaby's last name will be Orzel (pronounced or-ZELL), with a middle name of Nepveu; probably no second middle name.

(Pseudonym, by the way, is a really weird looking word, or perhaps it only is if you've been awake since five this morning.)

And yes, we know about the Baby Name Wizard's NameVoyager (Java applet).

Tags: pregnancy, recommendations

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