Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

WisCon programming comment

In looking through the WisCon schedule for BitterCon items, I came across this:

LiveJournal and WisCon

You're on LiveJournal (LJ). Like a lot of the people at WisCon, you enjoy keeping in touch with your WisCon friends through this powerful tool for connections. You might even have come to WisCon for the first time because you heard about it from LJ friends who share your interest in feminism and SF&F. You relish the chance to engage in discussions year round about the topics that make you passionate—gender, race, power and privilege, writing, etc. But all of a sudden, you've made someone on LJ mad — really mad. More than that, lots of people you don't know are mad, now that your comment has been linked. What do you do now? Jump in, cave in, bow out? How do you respond at all and keep a measure of your privacy, given that the people blogging may know your real name, your sexual orientation, the details of your marriage and your relationship with your parents, and are in a position to share a lot, online or offline, with the untold numbers who now think they know what an ignorant person you are?

M: Vylar Kaftan, Bill Humphries, Cilian Edwards, Candra Gill

Does this strike anyone else as rather an . . . odd . . . panel description?

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