Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Curious and procrastinating.

Hi there. I was fiddling today, bookmarking friends-of as I do, and I was a touch surprised to see that friends-of was up to 92. (I hope to write well, but I don't expect that most of my natterings are of deep interest to the wide world.)

So, cribbing from various people—if you're reading this, feel free to tell me any or all of the following, either here or (if you want to be private) in e-mail:

  • What do you read these entries for? Dog stories, book stuff, the law?
  • How did you find this journal? Some of you I know in Real Life or from other communities, or we've commented in each others' journals—but for a few people, I don't see the obvious chain, and I'm curious.
  • Tell me something about yourself. Anything. Even if you intend to lurk forever or remain anonymous, it would be fun if, when I looked at my info page, I could say, "oh yes, so-and-so { raises bulldogs | likes spinach | types with only the ring-fingers } ".

Or not. Whatever you like. I'll be getting back to this draft memorandum of law, now.

Tags: lj

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