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Life update

I've been pretty scarce lately because I've been busy and haven't had a lot of spare brain capacity, what with Chad being away for most of last week, travel for a baby shower last weekend, and work. But today I had an oral argument, the prep for which had been consuming a lot of that brain capacity, and so I'm letting myself relax a bit now.

Thus, admire our almost-completed library!

Here's the front and the entry into the living room.

almost-finished garage remodel, June 3, 2008 (front)

And here's the back and the entry into the kitchen.

almost-finished garage remodel, June 3, 2008 (back)

Okay, yeah, it's still an empty rectangle, but it's an empty rectangle that's been painted and has carpet and windows. Next week, it should have bookshelves/cabinets, and then it will be really finished. Tomorrow we're going to order blinds for those enormous west-facing windows and a desk for Chad (his existing one won't fit). His desk at the front, mine at the back, and shelving on the two long walls: it's going to be great. (I'm especially looking forward to—geek alert!—setting up the desks with some variant of better cord management, for both safety and aesthetics.)

Except, of course, to move my existing desk downstairs, I have to clean out the mountains of crap around it now. And then we have to move all the hardcovers downstairs to the new shelves, and move the china from the basement to the new cabinets. And shuffle the paperbacks out of the ex-spare room to other upstairs rooms. And move the furniture from the ex-spare room to Chad's ex-office. And set up the crib in the ex-spare room and unpack all the baby paraphernalia (after the new dresser and night stand, which we will also order tomorrow, come in).

And start and finish the third cross-stitched dragon (finished the second last night, yay). And do more learning about childbirth and infant care. And pick actual names for FutureBaby. And go to Chad's college reunion this weekend. And do whatever beta-reading Chad would like on the rewrites for his book. And maybe finish the three books I'm in the middle of. And, oh yeah, write the several briefs that are due this month.


Quick pregnancy update:

Visibly bulgier by the week. Though last week may have included a FutureBaby growth spurt that I hadn't caught up with: not only did I have a fair bit of discomfort in my ribs on the right side, but I had several instances of feeling like FutureBaby had decided to place a knee or elbow against my front and just lean there, hard, for a while. Which made me wonder if those early ultrasound pictures were accurate in showing a claw-out-of-stomach Alien . . . Both of these seem to have stopped this week. The fatigue has also backed off: instead of feeling like the must-nap-now fairy has just bopped me on the head, I'm normally tired (which is still sufficient). New since last update: the start of swelling in my hands and feet, and noticable Braxton Hicks contractions, fun.

Still, could all be worse.

Usual warnings apply.

And now, to write baby shower thank-you cards.

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