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Cable management suggestions?

Chad's new desk for the family room/office/library was delivered today, and we're contemplating how to best arrange all his equipment cables in a way that will be as aesthetically pleasing and safe as possible. The end goal is something like this or this, but as you can see from the pictures behind the cut, the underside of the desk is visible through the window, so I'm not quite sure the best way to attack this problem . . .

There will be a filing cabinet to the left of the desk, and the cabinets/bookshelves will extend all the way to the front wall on the right. There's an set of outlets on either side.

There are four small holes drilled through the back panel the desk. (Ignore the white thing against the outside of the window, that's just trash.)

And here are the sides:

I am not particularly crazy about the idea of drilling into the nice new wood desk, or of having a cord basket/power strip visible from outside, but there may be no alternatives. Also, I'd prefer stuff I can pick up locally, i.e., from Staples/Office Max/Best Buy, not Ikea.

Anyone out there tackle similar problems or have suggestions?

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