Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Week in Review

Back from Boskone safe and sound, though tired; a con report is in the works and I will post the link here when it's done. Of the event that seems to be causing the most talk in LJ land: I did not see papersky pour Coke on David Brin's head, though I was having a conversation with her when he came back in to demand an explanation, or pistols at dawn, or something. One of my odder talents is that I can do a pretty good Willfully Oblivious when I try, which is a skill that came in handy then. (To be fair, I do think that he had genuinely no idea in what manner he'd been offensive.)

The other major event this past week was that my trial was re-scheduled from tomorrow until next Tuesday. It was nice to have an actual day off today: I cooked, and futzed around online, and got some reading in, and generally enjoyed having a day to myself. (I was also briefly excited when UPS delivered our DSL modem, but alas, the service still isn't on.)

I am quite sure that more things happened this week, but I'm suddenly very tired and Chad informs me that my installation of a network card in his computer has apparently caused Strange Things to happen. So I shall investigate that and then go to bed. I suspect I shall need lots of sleep to dig my car out in the morning.

Tags: [time] in review, boskone, boskone 2003, cons

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