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Giving Away Books

** Offer now closed. **

Chad and I are giving away books. If you're interested, here are the details:

  • Any book on our LibraryThing account marked "discard" is available [*].

    Note: towards the top of the page, in small grey text, it says "knepveu has a suggested style for viewing this library (use it)." That's there for a reason.

  • Requests, Making:
    • Leave a comment on this post with the following information:
      • What books you want.
      • Your mailing address.
      • Your e-mail address.
    • Comments are screened so that only I can see them (and you can see your own, if you have an LJ account).
    • If you don't have an LJ account, you can still leave a comment: simply click on "Post a new comment" and leave the "Anonymous" radio button selected. (If for some reason this doesn't work or you're reluctant to leave a comment, you can e-mail me at knepveu @ steelypips.org, but I strongly prefer comments.)
  • Requests, Other Information:
    • If multiple people request the same book, I will decide who gets it, depending on who asked first, how many other books they asked for, what I know of their reading tastes, and anything else that seems relevant to me. My decisions are final.
    • This is not an open-ended offer: at some point to be determined later (because it depends in part on FutureBaby), whatever's left is being donated to our local library sale. I will post a reminder at least three days before the offer closes.
  • Shipping and Payment:
    • I will ship USPS media mail by default, but will use any reasonable method you request.
    • If shipping is under $5, I'll take reimbursement through PayPal, but I won't require it. If shipping is $5 or more, I'll require reimbursement through PayPal or an Amazon.com gift certificate.
    • I will e-mail you the cost after your books are sent. (You can probably estimate it from the publication information on LibraryThing and the website of your shipping company of choice.)
    • If you fail to pay, I will mock you publicly and mercilessly.

[*] No comment on the quality of the book is implied by its presence on the list. Some are books we liked so well that we didn't get rid of the duplicates when we merged our collections. Some we haven't read and just aren't going to get around to. And, yes, some are books we read and disliked—but tastes vary. (No, I will not say which category any given book falls into.)

Questions? Leave them in a separate comment so I can unscreen them when I respond.

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