Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Admire our finished library!

Our home renovation project is now done, done, done. The contractor installed the cabinet doors yesterday (sooner than we expected) and did a last little thing outside today. I should probably have waited for daylight, but I couldn't resist taking pictures tonight once I'd finished (some of) the other things I needed to do:

Here's the view from the kitchen entryway, showing Chad's desk and the windows (click for very big versions):

new library from the kitchen door (Chad's desk)

Here's the view from the living room entryway, showing my desk and the back of the room:

new library from the living room door (my desk)

Here's the short wall, where those entryways are located:

new library, short wall

And a closeup of the cabinet doors, with which I am ridiculously enamored. I mean, cabinet doors! But I think they finish the room so elegantly—I was really surprised how much difference they made.

admire the elegant cabinet doors

There, now that cheered me up. Yay, library!

Tags: house, pictures

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