Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Suggestion to Helix authors

(For background, see Tobias Buckell's post.)

William Sanders continues to distinguish himself in response to authors' requests to have their stories removed from Helix in reaction to his behavior. The latest update is that he wants authors to pay $40 to have their stories removed.

Now, my understanding is that under at least one version of Helix's contract, the magazine gets web publication rights in perpetuity. However, I also understand that those web publication rights are non-exclusive (nb. I haven't seen any contract and cannot give legal advice), and therefore there's no reason that authors can't put up their stories on their own web space.

I suggest, then, that any Helix authors who no longer want to be associated with the magazine but who don't want to pay for it [*] should repost their story someplace—preferably with a nice big explanation why—and change all their links to that new space and ask everyone else to do the same.

It might even be worth getting a central space just for such stories. I'd be glad to donate a domain name and web hosting if people are interested.

[*] I express no opinion on whether they should or not; I can well imagine it might be worth $40 to not have one's story on that website any more.

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