Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Bright Sides

It's true, my hands are stiff and sore and carpel-tunnel-syndrome-ish.

But on the bright side, I did not dislocate my thumb yesterday.

(Chad's bright side is that it was his left thumb.)

It's true, comment spammers are evil and must die die die. (If you get a reply to a comment on one of my old posts that almost makes sense, don't worry, it's gone as soon as I see the notification.)

But on the bright side, comment spammers only exist because the Internet exists, and without the Internet there's no LJ, and without LJ livelongnmarry wouldn't have raised more than $30,000 for marriage equality (and that's as of 24 hours ago) and gotten thanks from two of the many people affected by the fight.

In conclusion: *points at icon*.

Tags: livelongnmarry, pregnancy

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