Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Reasons I have not gone into labor yet

Because FutureBaby:

  • will be perfectly average physically (since I am shorter than average and Chad is taller than average), and is thus going for the reported 41 weeks + 1 day average for first babies. Which would be Monday.
  • is not quite finished developing his or her Theory of Everything. (Fortunately, FutureBaby's universe is really really small at the moment, so it doesn't have to be a very complicated theory.)
  • overheard a co-worker tell me that you're not ready for labor until you're really, really uncomfortable, and knows I'm only somewhat uncomfortable right now.
  • is holding out for a cool birthday like 8/8/08.
  • wants a Miyazaki-inspired flying bison and knows we haven't actually purchased one yet, despite offering it as a bribe.
  • is waiting for the timer to pop up. [*]
  • is calibrating just how far Chad's patience can be pushed.
  • wants Chinese or Indian food.
  • was waiting for the air conditioning to be fixed. And hey, the repair guy just left, so . . .

[*] I have had this fancy for, oh, months, that when my navel goes completely "outie," it'll be like the pop-up timer on a turkey: *bing*! Fully cooked! And it's not quite there yet.

As usual, no unsolicited advice, no horror stories, thank you.

Tags: pregnancy, silly
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