Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

pregnancy update

FutureBaby performed beautifully on the non-stress test today, and so we have the just-in-case induction scheduled for as late as possible, Thursday night into Friday morning. My doctor thinks it won't be necessary, which we hope is the case.

Now I'm going to go finish putting together my hospital bag, in case that's the reason I haven't gone into labor yet. (We're starting to run out of them—average due date reached, Miyazaki-inspired flying bison ordered, Indian food eaten, nursery decorated, work-related stuff I resolved to get done finished . . . I think I need to imitate Chad and publicly vow to do some time-consuming project, like re-reading all eleven Vlad Taltos books or reading some complex and new-to-me book. Unfortunately I can't vow to finish The Tale of Genji because it's too heavy for me to hold comfortably; finishing the in-progress cross-stitch or writing long complicated posts is probably not wise for the same reason. I will contemplate it, after I finish staring at the bookshelves to pick hospital books.)

As usual, no unsolicited advice, no horror stories, thank you.

Tags: pregnancy
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