Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Good thing I don't believe in this stuff

Tonight we had Chinese food for dinner (more because we misremembered the leftover situation, Chad likes it, and I wasn't that hungry, than because we wanted to test an urban legend). Just as we were ready to take Emmy on her post-dinner walk, Chad reminded me that we hadn't eaten the fortune cookies.

The delivery place had sent three cookies, so I said, "Oh, the third can be for FutureBaby." (Emmy: "Hey! What about me?")

Mine: "Depend on your feet, you can climb the highest mountain."

Chad's: "A very attractive person has a message for you."

The third: "Time is not measured by a watch but by moments."

We looked at this in silence for a moment, and then Chad said, "We are so screwed."

"No, no," I said, "this was really for Emmy! After all, she's never looked at a watch in her life."

Emmy just wanted to know if this meant that she got to eat the cookie. (Alas, no.)

Tags: pregnancy, silly

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