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One angle on life with a newborn

We have been writing down SteelyKid's feeding history, partly specifically for her jaundice (almost all gone today, per her pediatrician, and she's back to 2oz of her birth weight) and partly because we'll never remember otherwise and it's generally useful information. Behind the cut is the history for her time at home to date (the diaper information has been omitted, because really).


11:30 a.m.: arrive home from hospital.

11:45: start of 20 minutes nursing.

1:30 p.m.: 20 min. + 22 ml formula.

3:10: 20 min.

4:35: 20 min. + 25 ml.

6:50: 38 min. total.

8:00: 32 ml.

11:00: 30 min.


2:30-4:00 a.m.: 30 min. total + 35 ml. total. (Fussing continues to 5:00.)

7:00: 28 min.

10:20: 25 min.

12:15-1:15 p.m.: 36 min. total + 15 ml. formula.

4:15: 28 min.

5:45: 30 min.

7:30: 20 min.

10:30-12:00: 40 min. total + 30 ml. formula.


2:45 a.m.: 22 min.

5:15: 22 min.

8:15: 20 min.

10:15: 24 min.

12:15 p.m.: 24 min.

2:30: 20 min.

5:45: 20 min.

7:15: 20 min.

Notes: we were regularly supplementing with formula on doctor's direction until my milk came in, which was Monday into Tuesday, hence the marathon sessions on Tuesday, which were a mistake, ow ow. Also, I hope the extended "OMG no-one has fed me EVER" sessions are over now, but we have supplemental formula on hand just in case.

And now it's been 90 minutes since she last ate, and she's been fussing off and on for half an hour, so I'm off.

Morning edit: I have been neglecting to say that the bans on unsolicited advice and horror stories did not end with my pregnancy.

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