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What have we unleashed on the world?

Upon hearing that I was going to take her upstairs and feed her, SteelyKid said, "Exh-cellent, my plan to dominate Chateau Steelypips is working!"

We have added "Evil Genius Baby" to our ever-growing list of nicknames for her (ActualBaby, SteelyKid, the Empress of Eastern New York (suggested by a commenter at Chad's, in light of Emmy's status as the Queen of Niskayuna) . . . ).

Hee! What a cutie. And her color is looking so much better! Is the jaundice pretty much cleared up?

As of Wednesday the pediatrician said it was almost entirely gone, and her habits since have been such that I've no worries about it. Which is good because for some reason I have a hard time tracking her day-to-day color and thus must rely on reason rather than observation. Or something.

That sounds like a very difficult perceptual task, figuring out whether the skin color of a baby changed fractionally from one day to the next.

Jorie was very mildly jaundiced when she was born but I think it was all gone by the time she left the hospital. My sister Megan actually spent some time under the bili light when she was born, I think.

That's a very cute kid.

That is a stunningly cool picture of a very lovely baby.

I don't know what it says about me that in my hundred-plus mood-specific icons there's not one for "sentimental".