Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Another very short lyrics quiz

After this spring's very short lyrics quiz, I started collecting more lyrics, and then forgot all about it until just recently. So, it's a rainy and (so far) quiet day here, let's play.

I think some of these are probably harder than the last time, and so I've ordered them roughly easiest to hardest, at least according to my best guess.

  1. mirrored perspective
  2. burned-out Chevrolets
  3. insanity laughs
  4. Houston and Third
  5. out on 441
  6. scimitars and scarves
  7. telephonic invasion
  8. gemstone halters
  9. winter in Firenza
  10. useless tools ourselves
  11. soup-stained tie
  12. bottlecap ashtrays
  13. pink private jet
Tags: music

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