Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Two wonderful things

Probably everyone but me knows this already, but bestofyoutube.com's podcast is great fun. After watching a couple, I told iTunes to download everything it had for the feed (over a hundred videos), and I've been working my way through them in reverse chronological order. So far my favorites are the very brief and self-explanatory bunny letter opener and the longer roots of breakdance (the Soviet army dances to Run DMC), but there's an excellent variety.

Also, Slacktivist embedded a video of Springsteen performing "Mary's Place", which reminded me that I have never been able to listen to that song without at least wanting to tear up, and yet I still always want to hear it when it comes on. Which I think is a decent argument for its being Springsteen's best song, or at least the best song on The Rising. Discuss. (Actually, three wonderful things, since Slacktivist is a consistently excellent and sadly under-recognized blog.)

Tags: cheerful things, links, music, videos

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