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US Supreme Court decisions poll

rivka has an interesting poll on knowledge of US Supreme Court decisions. Go add to her sample.

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Filling out the poll seems impossible. I get taken directly to the list of responses, and clicking on the poll link and then "fill out poll", I get taken to what seems to be the livejournal front page. It happens with both Safari and Firefox. Anyways, I found myself having lots of trouble coming up with specific names, but after looking at the list, Bakke, Brown, Bush, Dred Scott, Griswold, Hamdi, Korematsu, Lawrence, Marbury, Miranda, Plessy and Roe were the ones I could remember the basics of.


You have to be logged in (or some equivalent?) to participate in a poll.

Yeah, the responses are kept track of by logged-in user, so you can't fill it out. Sorry.