Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Raffling off a completed cross-stitch for Science!!

ScienceBlogs is once again holding a fundraiser for DonorsChoose, and to support Chad's challenge, I am raffling off a completed cross-stitch project, a 5x7" American Southwest-themed still life.

Here's a manufacturer's picture of the project. (I can supply a picture of my completed project, but I have to wash and iron it first, and I wanted to get this post up now. I assure you that it looks just the same.) I will ship it ready for framing. (I will not frame it myself, because I'm not willing to risk shipping glass, but will send the manufacturer's instructions on framing it without matting if you have a 5x7" frame you want to use or don't want to pay for professional framing and matting.)

Raffle participants get one virtual ticket for every $5 they donate through Chad's challenge. So, if you donate $50, you'll get 10 virtual raffle tickets—and also be eligible for Chad's incentive of a blog post on your question. Leave a comment here stating the amount of your donation. At the end of the month, when the challenge closes, I will go through the comments, assign numbers to each participant, and then ask one of the web's random-number generators to pick a number from that range. After the winner forwards me their e-mail receipt from DonorsChoose, I will promptly mail them the cross-stitch.

(Note for non-LJ users: you can still leave a comment (leave the "anonymous" radio button selected), but you should give a name so I can identify you later.)


Update: if Chad meets his goal, I'll send the cross-stitch framed as well to the winner.

Tags: cross-stitch, donorschoose

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