Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Baby laughs!

Multiple unmistakable ones, as she laid across my lap and we played peekaboo.

It's times like these that keep us from exposing her on a hillside. (Today's been fine, but the night was a bit . . . awake.)

In other news, our thermostat (1) thought it was 5 degrees warmer than it actually is, which (2) was still 2 degrees under the setpoint. Running the setpoint way up produced heat, but until it fully warms up SteelyKid is in her playgym in a silly hat and wrapped in two blankets, while I eat a belated lunch. (And here I thought I just felt cold because I got a flu shot today. She was all warm and cozy, but she was asleep across my stomach.) It did this yesterday too, so I suspect a new thermostat is in our future . . .

Tags: house, steelykid

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