Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Book acquisitions with a theme

Spent some time browsing the Book Barn in Latham this afternoon (which continues to do a booming business), and came away with the following:

  • Sarah Caudwell, Thus Was Adonis Murdered and The Shortest Way to Hades (both on the $0.25 rack)
  • Carla Kelly two-in-one, Mrs. Drew Plays Her Hand and Miss Grimsley's Oxford Career
  • Laura Kinsale, Flowers from the Storm (all they had)
  • Kate Ross, Cut to the Quick
  • E. Nesbit, The Phoenix and the Carpet

And except for the last, these are all coffeeandink's fault. Can you tell I finally updated the scrap of paper in my wallet where book recommendations live?

Tags: books
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