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Week in Review

Look, not only am I up-to-date on the book log, but there have even been a few comments on recent entries!

Two holidays in one this week, as our Christmas present to each other arrived on New Year's Eve—a new TV, a Sylvania 27" flat-screen (deeply on sale at Sears). The old one was getting very fuzzy, so this one is a little bigger and much sharper (though not the cool very-thin type, because they are just Too Expensive right now). Chad had a cold, so we just loafed for New Year's and browsed terrible movies on HBO (which I really need to cancel, having seen Angels in America).

Early this week, I found a charge for a hotel in Surrey, Canada (apparently near Vancouver) on my credit card statement. My company is investigating and sending me a new one, but it's inconvenient (especially until the new one arrives) and worrying. Maybe it was just an electronic glitch. I hope Surrey's nice, at least.

I haven't been making New Year's resolutions for the last several years, but this year the calendar change reminded me of something I've been meaning to do for a while, so I guess I'll call it a resolution. In law school, I worked out with weights for a while, specifically dumbbells, as they are cheap and usable in the privacy of my room. I fell out of the habit, and what little strength I had built up is long since gone. So my resolution is that, every night after we walk the dog after supper, I will do something—it can be as little as one set of curls or whatever's next on the rotation, but something. My rationale is that a little every day will probably be easier to fit in than a complete workout a few times a week. I got the additional weights I needed this weekend (I screwed up my shoulders at the same time I screwed up my wrists—bad posture and too much typing feeding off each other—so even my old weights were too heavy for some things. Improving my posture is a secondary goal of strengthening my back and shoulders.), and tonight I did a set of lower-body exercises. Go me. (Hobbles off to bed.)

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I have one--a gift--but I've never used it. I hadn't considered what I'd do when travelling, though, and that's a good point; I shall have to dig it up and give it a try.