Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

The Earth is tilted

ETA: the project discussed below the cut is apparently on hold, so I'm cutting the text to keep from cluttering up people's lists. (And is now indefinitely suspended.)

This is probably my only public comment on Cultural Appropriation of DOOM part II, because I have very little time or energy these days and so many things are being said, often by people who I admired or liked, that are sufficiently hurtful that I just am not willing to read further developments. (Here's a roundup from last week, and rydra_wong has the latest failures.)

But I can say this.

What's wrong with "a summer of diversity in e-fiction"? Besides, that is, the previous statements of the proposer?

*points at subject line* The Earth is tilted. Which means we have seasons. Plural.

Which means that, when anyone proposes that a summer of diversity is a good response to the ongoing discussion about racism in SFF—

I hear, "Here, have this nice bone, now go away."

People who are signing up for this project in good faith might consider this: if you want to do something constructive in response to the ongoing discussions, you don't have to wait.

(For further reading: starkeymonster's delicious bookmarks for clueless white people; also my delicious bookmarks on cultural appropriation.)

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