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P.S. to white people in SFF fandom

A post-script to this open letter:

The offensively harrassing, insulting, clueless, privileged, and generally massively FAIL-y behavior of Will Shetterly, documented by deepad here [updated link] and vom_marlowe here, and of Shetterly and Kathryn Cramer, documented by coffeeandink here?

So very much not helping.

No love,


I'm turning comments off because I don't have the time, energy, or patience to engage in discussion of this right now; but it was important to me to put my feelings about this on record. For more substantive discussion, see rydra_wong's linkspam roundups for March (2nd-4th to date, but pessimistically, I imagine there will be more because the FAIL, it just keeps coming).

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