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SteelyKid at eight months

SteelyKid was eight months old on Tuesday.

Despite the short time between posts, there have been some big changes. Shortly after the last post, someone flipped a switch and she suddenly started sitting up for pretty much as long as she wanted. Chad took a little video of her sitting on the couch and pulling toys out of one of her shape sorter boxes (when she wasn't being distracted by the shiny camcorder):

Now that she's sitting up so well, she has a new front-facing stroller, which she likes, though she sometimes twists herself around to see us, and a new bathtub, which she definitely likes better than the infant reclining one, though I spend more rinse water on keeping the toys that she chews on soap-free than I do on her whole body.

She is working on being able to go from lying down to sitting up on her own—last night she managed it twice, though while across my lap, so the surface helped a bit—and on pulling herself into a standing position, which she's not quite as far along at, but getting there.

She can't crawl yet, or rather she can't crawl forward. She can go backwards and in a circle, and if she fetches up against something sufficiently sturdy she can push herself off it and gain a few inches of forward progress that way. (It is extremely cute.)

Her fine motor skills are also improving. She's taken to tracing things that interest her with an index finger, remarkably delicately, like the patterned tags on her Taggie blanket, a co-worker's stone necklace, or my engagement ring. She can grab and hold her new, heavier bottles (PlayTex VentAire, which I highly recommend). And she now likes to bang her toys together to make noise, not just against a nearby hard surface.

She's drinking straight formula with no complaints all but two feedings a day—no, I didn't manage to wean her before I went away overnight, earlier this week, but got close enough that the trip was fine. This is doubly a relief because during this time period she briefly went on bottle strike after having an upset stomach (fun fact: the covers on Britax car seats are not machine washable [*]), and I had few days of being sunk in despair as a result. And she's figured out a sippy cup and enjoys her watered-down apple juice. (This happened at day care, when she finally got around to sucking on the cup instead of just chewing; her teachers said she pulled it away with a startled look on her face, and then went to town. I wish I'd seen it.) She's sleeping longer at night too, at least when she's not in the worst stages of a cold (she has another one right now) or when I haven't fed her poison something that disagrees with her.

[*] If anyone has recommendations for machine-washable covers that go over convertible car seats themselves, I'll take them.

She has a full eight teeth now (which is apparently a lot for her age), and has mostly stopped scraping them together, hooray. Cutting the eighth seemed to give her a little more trouble than the previous ones, but she's still not as miserable about it as some babies can be.

She remains sociable and happy to meet new people. Her day care was closed for two days this week because of Passover (and will be closed two days next week). She came in to work with me Thursday all day, and had a grand time; no less than five people stopped by my office Friday to say how fun and friendly and adorable she was and when was she coming in again? (Answer: probably next Thursday.) She also spent an hour being baby-sat by a student at Chad's college while he taught on Friday with no problems.

And that's SteelyKid at eight months.

As always, no unsolicited advice.

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