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alas for packrat tendencies

When I came home tonight I dropped my iPod on the floor. After refusing to play, it displays a red "X" when I try to reset it or get it into disk mode per the online support instructions. So I suspect I have wrecked the hard drive, again.

(I think this is the third one. Maybe the fourth.)

I should really get a Flash-based player, because, obviously, carrying around a small hard drive is just always going to end badly for a klutz like me. But Chad has way more music than would fit on any currently-available one (even if they weren't so much more expensive), and every so often I go through the songs of his that I haven't rated yet and find stuff I know and/or like, and I never listen to music except when away from my computer, and I like the ability to watch video too, and and and . . . Like I said, packrat tendencies.

I console myself with the truth that this is a very First World problem to have.

Anyway. Have any of you successfully overcome a tendency to break portable hard drives? Any cases you'd recommend? I use a Contour Showcase, but if anything is actually going to help when I drop the thing while the drive is spinning, obviously it'd be worth it.


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Thanks for the idea, but I do like to watch video, so I'd want a bigger screen.

32 would be the very bare minimum, and that would be pushing it, and involve a lot of finicky manual management.

I do like the iPod and am used to iTunes, but at this point it may well be worth looking at other things, since I'd forgotten that SD cards were so cheap. Thanks.

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Also, overly complicated. But the thought did occur to me, possibly for audiobooks that I'm not listening to at the moment but might decide I want.

Grumble mutter grump.

Has to support MP3, AAC, and Audible files. Screen 320x240 minimum.

Apparently the only two are the Creative Zen & the Sansa View.

Creative Zen has a gorgeous screen, but its integration with memory cards is apparently nill--can't bookmark, move into memory, do anything useful. And it maxes out at 16GB internal.

Sansa View has good memory card integration and goes up to 32GB internal, but apparently is buggy when it comes to AAC and video, won't bookmark audio files unless you call them Podcasts, and gets wildly mixed comments about quality.


I am also packratty (and have a fairly large music/video library) but I've been able to finesse that onto a 32GB iPod touch using some smart playlist manipulation. (OTOH, I carry my 160GB iPod classic around for longer trips....)

You could, for example, make a playlist of "unrated songs, limit to 3GB" and include that in a folder (or make a meta-playlist which is just "playlist is #1 or playlist is #2 or playlist is #3"); that would give you some amount of randomized serendipity, and as you rate things it'll automatically remove them from that playlist and replace them.

That's basically what I set up for my father-in-law.

As for cases, I don't know specifically, but I'd check the reviews at; they seem to like the XtremeMac TuffWrap line which looks like it's got at least some shock protection.

Thanks for the link to cases.

And the iPod Touch is shiny but stupid expensive and would be really pushing it in terms of space, since it doesn't have a memory card slot.

I use the iPod as a PDA (Palm replacement), too, so that blunts the impact of the cost a bit.

It could certainly use more space[1]. If they had a 64GB model available I'd own one already.

[1] Of course, 32GB is also something like 500x the capacity of the first hard drive I ever bought, which cost more than the iPod and weighed at least 20x as much...and which was so huge I didn't expect to fill it up for a long time. How our ideas of "not enough space" change.

Yeah, whereas my TX is still going strong (and I invested in a glass screen for it, so much nicer) so I don't have that excuse.

I invested money I didn't have into an Otterbox, off of ebay, for the iPod, because I knew otherwise I would drop it or drown it. Thus far, it has protected it fine.

Otterbox, check. *goes to research*

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My daily commute is both a strength here, because I need it every weekday and so have formed habits of always knowing where it is, and a weakness, because it means I carry it around a lot and thus drop the thing.

(Also, the women's clothes that fit me have stupid pockets.)

I posted a big entry about how I manage my music last January. If you're willing to maintain your library's metadata (and having seen your Librarything account it seems like a project you'd be inclined towards, anyway), this technique expanded perfectly to my 16 GB iPhone, and I'd wager that using this system on a 32 GB Touch the number of times you would look for a particular song and not have it on your device would approach zero.

I've also rated most (say, 90%) of my iTunes library using the built-in five star system.

I have not. I would guess, in fact, that the reverse is true. Which is the problem.

To be fair, that is a problem I address in the entry, with the suggestion that beginning by rating one's favorites and least favorites takes less time than you might think, and then one can rate on the fly during listening sessions.

Oh sure, and I like rating on the fly, but this is mostly Chad's music, I'm guessing there's about 10,000 songs unrated, and mostly I listen to audiobooks when I'm listening to a portable player--I like it that way. So rating is a really slow process for me.