Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

TeamViewer + Malwarebytes = awesome

I have just used the dead-simple remote access program TeamViewer and the anti-malware program from Malwarebytes to, I hope, eradicate the nasty Personal Antivirus from my mother's computer, and TeamViewer in particular is going to be the Best Thing Ever now that I am my mother's tech support. I highly recommend it.

(I say "I hope" because the computer needed a reboot and I told her that she should go on with her grocery shopping as planned, so I can't see the results until she gets back home.)

But speaking of tech support, does anyone have any idea why her Windows XP machine won't automatically reconnect to a network drive? Dad set up her backups to an Iomega networked external hard drive, and the thing refuses to reconnect when she restarts her computer even though it's been told to save the username & password and automatically reconnect or whatever, which leads to the failure of backups and much aggravation. Frankly I'm thinking that I will just move the external hdd to be directly connected to her computer, since there's no need for it to be networked any more—it has a USB port, I assume I can do that—but in the meantime, if anyone has any suggestions, I'd appreciate it.

Tags: tech

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