Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

SteelyKid at 11 months

SteelyKid was 11 months on Tuesday. I know I just did a development post for her but I figure I should start erring on the side of more posts.

Things I forgot from the last update:

She likes to wave her hand across her lips to make a buh-buh-buh kind of noise. Also to blow raspberries in the air and on a wide variety of surfaces, including on past occasion on the floor at daycare, to the bemusement of the staff. Also to screech loudly when happy—really, it's a happy noise.

She claps in response to others, but not palm-to-palm, by patting one palm on top of the back of the other hand.

She recognizes and understands "no."

New things:

Last weekend we went to a local park. She wasn't wildly excited about the swings or slides, but she liked climbing around on the various bits of equipment, watching people throw a football around, and looking at the rose garden. We'll definitely have to go back.

She's started putting some things picked up off the ground in her mouth: pine needles and such.

She's working on standing again, but this time without the wild arm-waving, just standing quietly for several seconds.

And Thursday at my mom's she started trying to go back down the stairs, but by the less-than-optimal method of straightening her legs and sliding. Fun times ahead . . . (By which I meant to convey that last week, just a few days after the last post, she appears to have said to herself, "wait, if I can go up a couple of steps, I can go up as many as I want—and since then has been going all the way up twenty times a day.)

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