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Notes to self on prelim. Boskone program

Who's going to be at Boskone? Besides people whose names are on the program, that is.

(prince_eric: we need to pick a time for dinner Saturday night and make reservations.)

Preliminary program is up and I'm making notes to myself on it behind the cut tag, because I'll never remember which panels sounded interesting later when times get changed or whatever.

(Program descriptions elided for space)

Friday: A whole bunch of things that look interesting that we won't be there for, as we'll be lucky to stumble in before 10 p.m. Nevertheless, maybe they'll get rescheduled:

Friday 7:00pm Clarendon: Bloggers of the Fanosphere: the Best Weblogs by SF Fans and Pros (Mary Kay Kare, Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Leslie J. Turek)
Probably wouldn't tell me much I didn't know already, but would be fun nonetheless.
Friday 7:00pm Dalton: Worldbuilding in Historical Fiction (James Cambias, Noreen Doyle, Michael F. Flynn)
Friday 7:00pm Fairfax: Alexander and the Wizard: Mixing Fantasy and History (Esther Friesner, Melissa Scott, Delia Sherman)
Why are these two on opposite each other?
Friday 8:00pm Clarendon: J.D. Robb Revisited (Deb Geisler, Priscilla Olson)
Wah! I really enjoyed last year's discussion on this.
Friday 9:00pm Gardner: PoMo and You: What Does Post-Modernism Have to Do with SF? (F. Brett Cox, Gregory Feeley, David G. Hartwell (m), James Patrick Kelly)
papersky keeps calling me a post-modernist, after all.
Friday 9:00pm Kent: Raiders of the Lost Ship: Real Life Archeology (Noreen Doyle)
Sounds way cool.

Saturday: Actual program-going will probably commence.

Saturday 10:00am Hampton: Not Just War Porn: The Best Military SF (Walter H. Hunt, Shariann Lewitt, James D. Macdonald, Betsy Mitchell (m))
It's not a genre I'm much interested in. Maybe I should be.
Saturday 10:00am Ind. W: The Place of Kings (Mary Kay Kare (m), George R. R. Martin, Tamora Pierce)
Interesting questions posed, good panel.
Saturday 11:00am Dalton: Surgery in Space (Robert I. Katz)
No description yet, but tantalizing title. All the same, up against . . .
Saturday 11:00am Hampton: The Editorial Eye: How the Views of Editors Shape Their Book Lines (Ginjer Buchanan (m), David G. Hartwell, Betsy Mitchell, Patrick Nielsen Hayden)
 . . . which is probably a definite.
Saturday 11:30am Dalton: Catwhisker Collecting (Sharon Lee, Steve Miller)
 . . . I beg your pardon?
Saturday 12:00 n Conference: Reading (Debra Doyle)
I wonder what this will be from?
Saturday 1:00pm Hampton: Media Tie-Ins for People Who Are Sure They'd Never Want to Read One of Those (Ginjer Buchanan, Solomon Davidoff (m), Keith R. A. DeCandido, Craig Shaw Gardner)
Maybe. More likely, lunch and putzing in the dealer's room and art show.
Saturday 2:00pm Gardner: A Look at the Best Recent Fantasy (Alex Irvine, Ellen Kushner, George R. R. Martin (m))
Saturday 2:00pm Hampton: Shadows Over Baker Street: SF&F Tie-ins to Mysteries (Laura Anne Gilman (m), Peter J. Heck, Paul Levinson, Wen Spencer)
Depends on the description.
Saturday 3:00pm Dalton: The Tipping Point and Other New Truths (Michael F. Flynn, Daniel Hatch, Edie Stern, Teresa Nielsen Hayden)
Saturday 3:00pm Fairfax: Across the Galaxy: The Rebirth of Space Opera (Kathryn Cramer (m), Walter H. Hunt, Karl Schroeder, Peter Weston)
But more likely.
Saturday 4:00pm Hampton: Monster FX from Home Depot: Making a Cut-Rate SF Movie (Cortney Skinner)
This could be interesting.
Saturday 4:00pm Ind. W: Knocking Down the Beanstalk: Macroengineering in the Post 9/11 World (Stephen Baxter, Thomas A. Easton, James D. Macdonald (m), Allen Steele)
As could this.
Saturday 5:00pm Ind. Foyer: Autographing (Lisa A. Barnett, Melissa Scott, Wen Spencer)
Note to self: stop by and tell Wen Spencer "Hi, I think your Ukiah Oregon books are fun. Is the forthcoming fourth wrapping things up?
Saturday 5:00pm Gardner: Tall Dark and Handsomoid: the Rise of Romance SF (Ginjer Buchanan (m), Laura Anne Gilman, Dara Joy, Timothy E. Liebe)
Eh, well, if I were more impressed with the rest of Irresistible Forces I might go. More likely, early dinner.
Saturday 10:00pm Hampton: 2003: The Year in Review (Getting Ready for the Hugos) (Claire Anderson, Don D'Ammassa, Bob Devney, Jim Mann)
I'm actually a Hugo voter this year, so if I remember, I might duck out of the Tor party for a bit.

Sunday: I'm not sure what time we have to leave. Or what time I'll make it out of bed.

Sunday 10:00am Hampton: The Best Books of 2003 (Charles N. Brown)
I guess if I miss Saturday night's panel, I could get up early for this.
Sunday 11:00am Fairfax: Historical Myths at the Root of SF & F (Lisa A. Barnett, Solomon Davidoff, Esther Friesner, Ellen Kushner, Peter Weston)
Might be a different take on history and fantasy.
Sunday 12:00 n Dalton: Stuff You've Probably Missed (Ellen Asher, Kathryn Cramer, Daniel Hatch)
Sunday 12:00 n Fairfax: Girl Power: the Emergence of Strong Female Characters in YA Fantasy (Barbara Chepaitis (m), Bruce Coville, Debra Doyle, Tamora Pierce, Jane Yolen)
More recommendations? Hmmm.
Sunday 12:00 n Gardner: MacDonald's Knights Templar (James D. Macdonald)
Or hints about Peter Crossman? Double hmmm.
Sunday 1:00pm Conference: Reading (Tamora Pierce)
Maybe from the new Circle book?
Sunday 1:00pm Gardner: The Dreaded Mary Sue (Teresa Nielsen Hayden)
I wonder if the ginormous Making Light thread will be in the program book as required reading beforehand . . .

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