Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

not deliberately antisocial

Thursday we'd gotten up early (and I'd been up earlier with SteelyKid) for the drive to Montreal; I'd had a panel which I found fun but tiring; and we had a long leisurely dinner with old and new acquaintances. So when I got to my room around 11-ish, I decided to pace myself and go to bed, instead of any parties.

I slept for a solid nine hours (!!), went to panels and socialized and had another panel of my own and had dinner with friends and went to a panel at which one of the panelists annoyed me and could not get the damn Internet to work, and at 9:00 I hated the world and decided to take some Tylenol and nap.

At 9:30 Chad said he was leaving for the Tor.com party and I said I needed another half-hour and was re-setting my alarms.

(I imagine you can see where this is going.)

At 1:30 Chad woke me up when he came back to the room; I'd slept through two different alarms and two calls from him.

I'd say that tonight, parties for sure! except tomorrow is my day from hell (9:00-10:00, internet jerkitude panel; 11:00-12:00, LibraryThing & Good Readers panel (which ought not be fraught but I am moderating which I find involves a lot of work), 12:30-2:00, racial & ethnic diversity in geographic terms panel (need I say more? other than that I'm moderating this one too)).

I'm having fun, honest, but my programming is stressing me out a lot more than I expected.

Tags: anticipation 2009, cons, worldcon

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