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WorldCon: things I recommended or quoted on panels


  • Hellspark, Janet Kagan: really good book involving legal issues; the main character impersonates a byworld judge, who adjudicates interplanetary cultural-clash problems, and is faced with an accusation of murder and a question of sentience. Booklog posts.
  • "Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?": And Other Conversations About Race, Beverly Daniel Tatum: general-audience book about the formation of racial identity, highly accessible and readable and illuminating. Cannot recommend this strongly enough.
  • Racism without Racists: Color-Blind Racism and the Persistence of Racial Inequality in the United States, Eduard Bonilla-Silva: academic but still readable work about the rhetorical means used to sustain racial inequality (nb. I am only halfway through but am finding it really resonates with discussions I have seen).
  • How the Irish Became White, Noel Ignatiev: what the title says (I haven't read it yet but it comes very highly recommended).
  • Acacia, David Anthony Durham (ETA: now with 100% more Campbell Award winner goodness!): excellent and exciting secondary-world fantasy that is deliberately epic, multiracial, and concerned about empire and resources and related issues. My Tor.com review.


  • Carl Brandon Society, including its wiki.
  • Potted history of RaceFail by Ann Somerville.
  • Clear introduction to the issues raised by RaceFail by Mary Ann Mohanraj guesting at Whatever: Part I, for Everyone; Part II, for Writers.
  • Quote from vito_excalibur as part of an imaginary dialogue:

    So to recap, you're saying that I can make stupid racist mistakes in front of God and everybody, and still probably avoid the naked conga line of fail, as long as

    1) I don't respond to the people calling me out by insulting the shit out of them, and

    2) If I must talk about what people are saying about me, I link to what they're actually saying, and don't lie about it?

  • catvalente, Let Me Tell You a Story:

    And when we see story after story that has no one like us in it, . . . this is what we hear:

    You do not have a right to live. There are no stories for you, to teach you how to survive, because the world would prefer you didn't. You don't get to be human, to understand your suffering or move beyond it. In the perfect future society, you do not exist. We who are colorblind, genderblind, sexualityblind would prefer not to see you even now.

  • Joann Sfar, dedication/introduction to The Rabbi's Cat 2: Africa's Jerusalem:

    "For a long time I thought that there was no point in doing a graphic novel against racism. That stance seemed so totally redundant that there was no need to flog a dying horse. Times are changing, apparently. Chances are everything's already been said, but since no one is paying attention you have to start all over again."

  • People's suggestions about Internet jerkitude.
  • My delicious links on sundown towns.
  • ETA: spiralsheep on intersectionality:

    Expecting x, y, or z oppressed group to automatically understand and be able to implement anti-oppression strategies for a, b, or c oppressed group is merely another form of requiring disprivileged people to be twice as good at m or n while receiving only half as much reward for their work.

What else did I mention and forget to post here?

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