Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

WorldCon: Re-reading panel followup

skwidly posted notes and asks whether the room being overwhelmingly female indicated a gender disparity in re-reading behaviors. I have absolutely no idea whatsoever. What do you all think?

(I'm feeling better, though still pretty wobbly, especially after my marathon day, and have given up on the idea of posting notes about my own panels. Fortunately skwidly or an audio recorder was at all the rest of them (err, well, maybe not the LibraryThing/Good Reads one; did I mention wobbly?) and I can rely on other people! I do have notes from a bunch of other panels that I will post at some point. Now I'm debating between a relaxing bath, a nap, or a trip to IGA to get more drinkable fluids. (The nap is winning.))

Tags: anticipation 2009, con reports, cons, worldcon

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