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links dump

Been a while since I did one of these! I've mostly been collecting links one at a time and never posting them; but there was a lot of catch-up this time.


Re photo - there you are! (I love seeing what online friends actually look like.)

Moi aussi.

Nice photo, tired or not. :)

Thanks for the link roundup. As always there's something for my mind to chew over. I had a brief heart attack over the second paragraph of the Anti-Racist Parent link, until I realised how she was framing her argument to show the inane ideas people have about their kids naturally absorbing their beliefs without work.

Heh. You're not the only one who had that reaction.

Minor link glitch: Late New Business (corrected link, including your usual format=light).

Oh yeah, I didn't fix that yet. Thanks.

(Deleted comment)
On rethinking the timeline, in a couple of hours I was about to start feeling really sick.

I also see that shirt as a slightly less orange red, which may suggest very subtle color balance issues.

You do look paler than usual in that pic.

Yup. Not bad otherwise, though.

Not at all. I also love the color of your shirt.