Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

please don't link to fanhistory dot com

I've been seeing some links to fanhistory dot com for a quick summary of what's been dubbed SurveyFail. Please don't link to that site: it is run by a woman who outs fans for profit, literally. She has even less respect for fandom than the "researchers," I would argue, because she knows the fannish ethical norms she is violating.

Instead, here's a short survey by [info - personal] tablesaw, and a longer one over at FeministSF (among many others; see the SurveyFail tag over at [info - community] linkspam). I also highly recommend this eloquent response, before the fail began multiplying, by [info - personal] eruthros.

ETA: I am reliably advised, by someone who does not wish further public attention brought to the matter for obvious reasons, that fanhistory has very recently demonstrated that it has not changed its ways.

Tags: gender, links, sexuality
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