Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

quick thought on Burn Notice season 3 summer finale

We just caught up on the second half of Burn Notice's summer season. Quick reaction behind the cut:

I would have been happier if the show had forced Michael to make a harder decision. Strickler's jump from "I want you to lie about your history" to "I'm going to get your girlfriend killed" was rather abrupt and made it really easy for Michael to decide he didn't want back in on those terms. If Strickler had amped it up more slowly and presented a dilemma less black-and-white but as ultimately corrosive, I would have been more impressed.

However the big flashing lights about corruption in the agency itself are promising for the winter season.

Finally, I hope Michael feels really fucking guilty about Diego and changes his ways as a result; I was never happy about the way he treated him from the beginning.

Oh, that was Paul Blackthorne (Harry Dresden) as the Irish baddie, and Ben Shenkman (Louis in HBO's adaptation of Angels in America) as Strickler, which last was driving me nuts.

Tags: tv: burn notice

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