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SteelyKid at 14 months

SteelyKid is 14 months tomorrow, and while work has turned into the deluge, I am carving out fifteen minutes for a quick developmental update because there's a lot to report.

This month she has words: five of them, to be precise. Her first word was "hi" (she had the vowel sound accompanying waving for quite a while, but a day or two after the last post, she busted out the consonant too) followed closely by "bye." She'll also say "thanks" fairly regularly and has been heard to say "all done" at least twice and "down" at least once. No names yet, though. She also has the signs for "please," "all done," and "more."

Four molars have now broken through, which is apparently a lot for her age.

And she's decided she loves books. As in, we had to remove all books from the immediate vicinity of the nursery room glider because at bedtime she would twist and yearn after them and demand to have us read them eight million times (really, turn the pages) and try to use them as comfort objects (too pointy, child!). She rips books with paper pages and then eats them, though, so we'll stick to board books for now, but anything that she can interact with is terrific.

She also decided she likes slides (feet-first, even!) and other children; there's a new-ish kid her age in her room at daycare and they follow each other around.

She's getting much, much better about petting Emmy gently, but she will still occasionally try to step on her or grab her paws. And she's decided we make great puppets: I sit on the stairs as she holds on to the banister, and she comes over and pushes on my back until I'm folded down along my thighs (to me saying, "Help, help, I'm being oppressed, you're keeping me down"), and then either keeps pushing or pulls me back up by my shirt, or she comes over when I'm sitting on the floor and pushes my sholders until I lie down ("Oh no, I'm a pushover!"). She finds this extremely funny.

Cow's milk was not a success, and we are in the process of getting further medical advice while putting more emphasis on meals.

On September 15 she was 24lb, 6oz. She has an extremely mild heart murmur (as in, two medical students couldn't hear it) which is entirely benign. Which makes me hope we will not have regular preventive cardiologist appointments, because oh my goodness the chest x-ray was deeply unpopular (see the pictures at the bottom).

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And now, I have a brief to read. Whee.
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